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Effective Products Of Sea Eagle Inflatable Longboard Package Around The Usa

Sea Eagle has been highly popular in the inflatable kayak market for a very long time. Their Explorer kayaks and Sport kayaks are well known throughout the world. Just this season (2010) they have come out with a fresh sleeker inflatable kayak that will likely interest a wide selection of paddling enthusiasts.

The Sea Eagle FastTrack is really a faster and lighter weight inflatable kayak that may handle most types of water including lakes, ocean and river kayaking (up to class III). Below I'll compare it to Sea Eagle's Explorer kayaks along with mention the good qualities and cons of the new popular model.

My Inflatable Kayak Story

I have personally been a supporter of Sea Eagle inflatable boats from the time I first began searching for an inflatable kayak a few years ago. I've kayaked for nearly all of my entire life and previously had always used a firm hard-shell kayak. I chose to get an inflatable kayak for the sheer capability of them. I wanted a kayak that I could easily store away in a cabinet, transport in the trunk of my car as well as on an aircraft and have the ability to carry by myself.

After a whole lot of research I wound up purchasing the Sea Eagle 380X Explorer Kayak. I have already been absolutely satisfied and pleased with it and have used it for most, much time of paddling fun... including for some travel as well.

What Makes the FastTrack so Great>

I love my Explorer kayak Sea Eagle Inflatable Longboard package but there are two reasons for having it that I wished were different. For a very important factor I wish it absolutely was lighter. It weighs 47 lbs. which isn't detrimental to a combination kayak nonetheless it would be far easier for travel if it were lighter.

The second thing I wish were different is the speed. Again it isn't bad but it is noted for not being the fastest kayak in the water.

Knowing both of these downsides of my own personal inflatable kayak I couldn't help but love the new Sea Eagle FastTrack. With this particular inflatable kayak they've taken all of the positive features of the Explorer kayaks and added:

a fresh design for better speed and tracking
as well as a brand new super rugged but lighter weight material

The Sea Eagle FastTrack compared to the Sea Eagle Explorer Kayaks

The FastTrack is quite much like the Sea Eagle 380X as far as size is concerned. It is identical long and about an inch smaller in width. It even offers the identical weight capacity (750 lbs.).

However the major plus with the FastTrack is the fact it weighs twelve pounds less compared to 380X. That's quite an impact and could make transporting the kayak to and from the water along with much easier for airplane travel.

The fact this tandem inflatable kayak weighs so little is awesome and it also means when an individual wanted to utilize the kayak solo they would have no problem carrying it themselves.

As far as design is concerned you are able to tell just by taking a look at the FastTrack so it features a slightly different shape compared to the Explorer kayaks. This new shape enables better speeds for three reasons:

It features a drop stitch outside keel at the bow which supplies buoyancy and helps to prevent the natural yaw of an inflatable kayak.
There is a removable rear skeg that helps to keep the kayak tracking straight.
It includes a separate very rigid drop stitch floor which increases the entire rigidity of the kayak and creates side chines under the pontoons which enhances the general paddling performance.

Sea Eagle actually states that the floor of the new FastTrack is really rigid so it could even be properly used as a stand-up paddle board. That's quite impressive.

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